UUCOD is one of over 1,000 congregations in the Unitarian Universalist Association, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Evolving separately during the 19th century, the Unitarian and Universalist movements in America joined their liberal, free-thinking, humanist approaches to religion in 1961. As part of the wider UU community, we work towards the goal that all earth's children have the freedom and opportunity to lead their lives as they choose.

We welcome all people regardless of race, color, creed, political persuasion and sexual orientation. Our church has no required system of belief, rather we explore and share a variety of spiritual experience so each of us can develop an understanding meaningful to us personally. We gather each week to learn, explore, be grateful, celebrate, allowing ourselves an hour of inspiration and reflection to gain strength for the lives we lead followed by coffee and conversation.

Events and Services

Sunday Services 10 A.M.

72425 Via Vail
Rancho Mirage CA 92270
P: (760) 321-0694

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