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    June 16, 2024: Facing the Future: Faith vs Fascism

    Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
    Worship Associate: Steven Toporoff

    We are faced with responding to the growing forces of fascism in our country and in our world. How can we, as people of a progressive faith, protect our civil society and our neighbors and kin. How does our faith tradition call us to be in the world and how does it offer us grounding for resistance and thriving?

    June 9, 2024: First Contact: Encountering Possibility

    Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
    Worship Associate: Walter Gendell

    What can science fiction tales of aliens arriving on Earth and humans arriving in the homes of other species tell us about the ways we chose to encounter new people, new ideas, and new visions?

    June 2, 2024 -The Inherent Worth and Value of Every Human Being

    Worship Leader: Rabbi Dr. Jules King
    Worship Associate : Bryna Blum

    We are all interconnected. The worth of each individual contributes to the greater good of the community. Just as a single thread is vital to the integrity of a tapestry, each person's value is essential to the fabric of humanity. Recognizing this interconnectedness calls us to honor and uplift one another.

    May 26, 2024: Memory and Respect

    Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
    Worship Associate: Julia Alberg-Burbank

    This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, honoring those people who have given their lives in the service of their country. How are
    we honoring their legacy? How are we taking care of those who still serve or have retired?

    May 19, 2024: Values and Vision

    Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
    Worship Associate: Claudia Simmons
    All year we have been exploring the values laid out in proposed new language crafted to share what we UUs hold in common as we
    do the work of crafting the beloved community together. Join us as Rev. Ian sums up or year of exploration and as we look forward
    to doing our own work of visioning for this beloved community in the year to come.

    May 12, 2024: If Music Be the Food of Love: Choir Sunday

    Worship Leader: Jim Tong and the UUCOD Choir
    Worship Associates: Rev. Ian W. Riddell and Joni Padduck

    Join us as we celebrate the power of music to uplift and console and inspire us. Our UUCOD Choir, under the direction of Jim Tong brings us the gift of song and spirit today. And the congregation gets to sing as well!

    May 5, 2024: Respect for this life: Reckless no more

    Worship Leader: Ian Challis
    Worship Associate: Bryna Blum

    Respecting the preciousness of this human embodiment and living a life of internal balance in a world of change.

    April 28, 2024: Blossoming Into Life: Flower Communion

    Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
    Worship Associate: Julia Alberg-Burbank

    The world offers us each beauty and possibility if we just look. Join us as we celebrate the beautiful diversity of the world in a return of our Flower Communion. Bring some flowers to share. Our annual congregational meeting follows this week’s service.

    April 21, 2024: A Rebirth of Possibility: Earth Day and the Transformation of Hope

    Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
    Worship Associate: Denise Janssen Eager

    The world around us, the world we are an integral part of, is changing in drastic and dangerous ways. Where can we find hope? Where can we build hope? Might science and science fiction show us a way? Might there be a spiritual path to hope?

    June 25, 2023 GA Assembly Worship Service

    Ever Willing: Becoming the People Our World Needs

    The pandemic has wrought change and created uncertainty for institutions, like our Unitarian Universalist congregations, and our wider world. Who and what are we becoming, individually and collectively? Our GA Sunday service explores these themes as we gather in community to celebrate the best of who we UUs are.

    Link to the UUA website to view the recorded service.

    July 2, 2023: We The People

    Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
    Worship Assistant: Joni Padduck

    As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, we take a look at the state of our democracy and wonder together how to stay true to our values while resisting hatred, fear, and prejudice.

    *Note:  Since there was no sound on the recording we are providing the text of the sermon in this document.

    We the People Sermon