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Publishing Guidelines

Follow  these guidelines to

publish events to our calendar

Use this form to submit information for the UUCOD Website Calendar of Events. It makes it easier for you and the webmaster to publish complete information for the calendar.  This information is also the basis of newsletter articles.  

Values.  Events should align with our UU values as stated in our 8 principles and enhance our church life.

Plan in avadvance. For optimum promotion and to avoid event conflicts,  please consider publication of all event details at least 6 weeks in advance.  For annual events, consider publishing all at the same time.

Publication ready.  All submissions should be ready for publication, without need for further editing of content. Edit for grammar and spelling.

Acronyms.  The first usage of a term should not be an acronym. Spell out the term, and if planning to re-use the term, put the acronym in parentheses after first spelled-out usage before using the acronym. If using a term only once, spell it out, no acronym. ✔ Example: write “Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)” before then using UUA as an acronym.

Images. Stand out from the crowd and Include a photo or image. Please send photos as a .jpg attachment in a separate email to Admin@uucod.org.

Photos should be 400 pixels width and 225 pixels height.

Please only submit photos that you have taken, or that are license-free, or where you have written permission from the photographer to use. If you need to locate a high quality photo with free-use copyright permissions, try www.pixabay.comwww.pexels.com,  or www.unsplash.com,

If you need assistance please contact us at communications@uucod.org


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