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Getting Connected

How Can You Become More a Part of the UUCOD Community?

Introduce Yourself

It’s simple, but you may need to take the first step. Introduce yourself to people you don’t know and don’t be afraid to ask questions such as “How long have you been a part of UUCOD?” or “What draws you to the church?” You’ll find you’ve made a new acquaintance at the end of your discussion.


Join Social Events

Another great way to become more connected to is join social events identified by our social committee, BUUterflies, join (or start) a book club, sing with the choir, become part of a Chalice Circle discussion group or join a Lifespan Spiritual Growth class. Another way to get to know people is to volunteer for special events, projects or routine tasks. Our Facilities team is always in need of help and no special training is required !


Volunteering with others for the annual auction, yard sale, or helping out with a zoom event like a game or talk is a great way to meet new people and develop new relationships. If social justice is your passion, consider helping with efforts to support migrant families or for the homeless. We also have social justice projects such as Gay Pride or one of our holiday projects that collects toys for migrant families and gifts for young adults at the Safehouse of the Desert.

Become a Member of a Committee

We encourage all members and friends to participate on committees in which they have an interest or a skill that would be useful to the committee. Refer to UUCOD Committees for a list of committees, interest groups and social groups. Send a query to admin@uucod.org or find the contact name and phone number in the front of the “Members and Friends Directory” to get more information about the group, what they do, and when they meet, etc.

Obtain Assistance from the Care Team

If you are experiencing life challenges for which you need assistance, you can contact a member of the Care Team.  For more personal matters, contact Reverend Ian. The Care Team can provide basic assistance such as transportation, meals, or helping individuals navigate the process of securing these services. You can be assured your information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Request to connect with the Care Team

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Become a Member

The Membership Committee offers a New Member Orientation Class to those that are interested in formally joining our congregation. The class provides an overview of Unitarian Universalism, a brief history of the denomination, the story of the congregation’s 60 years in the Coachella Valley, and the benefits and responsibilities of membership. At the culmination of the class, new members participate in a joining ceremony and sign the membership book. They also agree to make annual financial contributions to the church. Contact us.

Three Levels of Membership

Visitors occasionally come to church services or events.

Friends are supporters and frequent attendees of services and events sponsored by the church. Many friends make an annual financial commitment to the church and are listed in the UUCOD Directory.

Members are individuals who have joined UUCOD by completing the membership requirements.

Active Members in good standing have a voice in the governance of the church. They elect the Board of Directors, approve the annual budget and vote on changes to the church by-laws at the annual meeting or at special meetings held during the course of the year. They also receive the Unitarian Universalist magazine, UU World, as a benefit of membership.

Inactive Members are individuals who have moved away or no longer attend church services or events. Members who have not made a financial contribution or pledge to the church in the fiscal year are also declared inactive and can not vote at church meetings.