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Spiritual Growth


Direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder…which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life.

~ Unitarian Universalist Association

Spiritual growth for Unitarian Universalists is…

…learning to live into our eight principles daily.

…about increasing the spaciousness and capacity of our souls to do the work of love.

…a combination of different practices in our personal and communal lives.

Communal Worship Practices

Worshiping together on Sunday is essential to the journey. Worship is an expression of our Fourth Principle, the collective search for truth and meaning. Members of the Worship Committee, the UUCOD Choir and the AV Production Team together shape our worship experience.

Personal Spiritual Practices

In our personal lives many Unitarian Universalists practice meditation or other faith based practices. UUCOD members also pursue personal practices with the faith communities that UUCOD hosts: Monday Meditation, Insight Community of the Desert and Desert Outreach Synagogue.

Spiritual Partnerships

Intentional relationships with another congregant or participation in a small group builds relationships and spiritual connections. Chalice Circles, or small group ministry, create a safe space to discuss spiritual topics while strengthening relationships. BIOPOC, the affinity group for black, indigenous and other people of color, create a safe space to gather.  The Board and all the committees that carry on the work of the church are also spiritual partnerships.

Body Practices

Physical practice brings us in touch with the miracle of our physical selves. We have gardened together on the Sacred Grounds project, practiced tai chi on the labyrinth and walked the Peace Labyrinth together.

Mind Practices

The intellectual component of spiritual growth is fulfilled with the Lifespan Spiritual Growth program. This adult religious education group offers book studies, film discussions and classes.

Soul Practices

Nurturing our creative selves by doing our own creative work or appreciating the work of others, opens our souls. The UUCOD grounds house the artwork installations of Gene Kain. UUCOD congregants often gather to express creativity though drawing, painting, singing, writing poetry and handicrafts.

Life Practices

Our relationships with family members or in our workplaces bring our spirituality into our daily lives and fulfill our commitment to the seven principles.

Justice Practices

Our vision of transforming the world is an essential spiritual practice. Our Social Justice actions are based on our recognition of the interdependent web of existence and an outward expression of our First, Second and Sixth Principles.

The spiritual practices are derived from the work of Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom’s Spirit in Practice: An Adult Program for Developing A Regular Practice of the Spirit