This is one of the thought provoking questions we have been asked over the past several months related to the proposed 8th Principle. The simple answer is, No. However, this does not mean we cannot do more that is right. Remember, we are attempting to Widen the Circle of Concern and to become as welcoming and inclusive as possible so that ALL truly feel that they belong here. 

Some of you may remember from the 1980s the management concept of “continuous quality improvement.” The idea behind this concept is to engage in gradual never-ending change that is focused on increasing the effectiveness of an organization in the fulfillment of its goals. Put simply, it means, getting better all the time, even when there is nothing wrong. 

Successful continuous quality improvement approaches are based on a Japanese concept coined by Masaaki Imai, “kaizen” (translation: kai = change and zen = good) taken together results in improvement. Key features include self-reflection of processes, incremental change, ideas coming from those closest to the work rather than outside professionals, and continually seeking ways to improve one’s own performance. 

An example of this in our congregation is the addition of closed captioning for our worship services. Following a service delivered by Rev. Don and his son a year or so ago, in which they discussed the experience of the deaf community, the then Production Team decided that we needed to be more inclusive of those with hearing challenges. And thus, was born our closed captioning; several members have commented on how helpful this is for them. Similarly, over time the hospitality team has worked to expand its snacks and drinks to address the various dietary needs of our congregants. These simple changes send a message “we see you, we care about you, you belong here.” And again, people have expressed appreciation for feeling cared for and included during coffee hour. 

Our newly created Culture Corner, located in the lobby as you enter the sanctuary, is another example of Widening the Circle of Concern. Here we see a diversity of populations represented and as it further develops it will provide an opportunity for us to learn about diverse peoples and cultures. The message we hope to send is clear, All are welcome, All are included and All Belong!





8th Principle Recent Posts

So Where Do We Go From Here?

At our recent Annual Congregational Meeting our UUCOD members voted strongly to adopt the 8th Principle as one of our own.

But more importantly, and closer to home, what does passing the 8th Principle mean to us at UUCOD? Where do we go from here since adopting this principle is just the beginning of a journey that we will create and make together.

Why do we need another principle about racism? Don’t our other 7 principles address this?

After many years of inconsistent work in the UUA regarding anti-racism, the realization that one can “live into” our existing 7 principles without thinking about or dealing with racism has become more apparent. In order to more fully live into the potential of our existing principles, over 150 UU congregations have already adopted the 8th Principle.
In our white-centered dominant culture it is all too easy to ignore racism and just regard ourselves as “not racist”,

What does “white supremacy culture” mean?

At its most basic, white supremacy culture is based on the ideology that people with white skin are superior to people with dark skin, intellectually, morally, and physically, and therefore should dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other...

What is meant by “white privilege?

White privilege is “having greater access to power and resources than people of color, in the same situation, do."  from Diversity in the Classroom and Understanding White Privilege: Creating Pathways to Authentic Relationships Across Race" by Francis E. Kendallin ....

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As we journey towards adopting the 8th Principle, throughout March we will present various words and phrases both within the 8th Principle language itself and those related to the work of anti-racism. We will begin to explore what they mean and invite your responses....

The 8th Principle – Can we change the wording?

At this stage in the process, congregations need to adopt the proposed principle as it is written. The wording of the 8th Principle will be substantially debated on the floor of the UUA General Assembly and will likely be changed as a result. By voting to approve it...

The 8th Principle – Learn More About It!

Rev. Ian introduced this proposed 8th Principle in depth and in the context of our covenantal relationships during our January 16 Sunday Service. If you missed this very important service or wish to listen to it again, it is posted on the UUCOD Facebook page Over the...

The 8th Principle – Why is UUCOD wanting to adopt this?

The 8th Principle is a natural extension of our UU values and faith development. Unlike our other 7 Principles, it calls us to action, to not only be not-racist but to actively engage in anti-racist behaviors as individuals and as a faith community. And it calls us to...