July 1 - 30, 2023

Join us in collecting backpacks and school supplies for needy East Coachella Valley students. Galilee Center will distribute our donations in August.


Supply List for Backpack and School Supplies Drive

Please bring these items to UUCOD throughout the month of  July.  Place them in or around the brown lobby bins.  Please do not assemble them into notebooks, Galilee Center Volunteers will do that.

Glue Sticks
Safety Scissors
12” Rulers
Wide-Ruled Lined Paper
College-Ruled Lined Paper
Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebooks
College-Ruled Spiral Notebooks
Binder Notebooks
Black Ink Pens
Blue Ink Pens
Red Ink Pens
#2 Pencils
Color Pencils
Washable Markers
Yellow Highlighters
Backpacks various sizes for Kinder through 12th Grades

Click here for a convenient printable list.

The deadline for donating these items is July 30 at the Sunday Worship Service.


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