As you rejoin this Sunday pause a moment to enjoy the grounds. Peter, Evelyn and others have been tending the land in our absence, removing dead brush and invasive weeds. Most of our brittle Bush nearly died but they are now thriving due to repeated hand watering (2 acres!) by Peter. Tiny, tiny wildflowers are growing in the spaces created by removing invasives. The iguanas will start coming out to play when temperatures hit 90F. Pause and enjoy our sacred grounds. 

Sacred Grounds Recent Posts

Earth Day Worship Service

First, a huge thank you to Katie Barrows. The Barrows family of Katie, Cameron, and Colin is the undisputed First Family of our local natural lands. The family business has been protecting our native lands, being stewards, listening to and understanding interconnection of the other species, and inspiring more stewards. Please let’s acknowledge our gratitude to Katie and her family.

Our beautiful area is hurting. The eastern valley

Sacred Grounds Update

Remember the Sacred Grounds Initiative? After a long Covid hiatus, the Initiative will be starting back up.

Oh, didn’t Covid change everything? By March 2020 a large group of congregants had formed the Sacred Grounds Initiative, a vision for our amazing grounds that included support for the native plants and critters, plus nourishing human souls with places for meditation, connection and reflection. The minister spoke from the pulpit, a couple of congregation-wide meetings were held, and a Love-the-Land work party

Our Lovely Desert Iguanas

With the warming temperatures, our three pairs of Desert Iguanas should soon be making an appearance on our Sacred Grounds. First will be the youngsters who hatched last fall and should come out of their burrows for the first time this next week or so. Soon after, as the sand becomes reliably warm, the adults will appear. The Desert Iguanas are one of the last lizards to emerge because they are unable to digest their

Our endangered species re-emerges!

Our grounds are one of the few spots supporting the endangered Coachella Valley Milkvetch, which was once prominent on the vast sand dunes before we all built our houses. Our Sacred Grounds provides critical habit for this federally listed species. Most years we get a Fall crop but alas Fall was so dry that nothing sprouted. And with the dry January and February, it appeared this would be our first year with no germination. But those rains a few weeks triggered the milkvetch! We now have perhaps a dozen little tiny plants and one bigger one that is blooming. Blessed be our Sacred Grounds.

Rescuing Our Trees

Our gorgeous Palo Verde trees suffer from years of neglect. But the rescue has begun! The dead and diseased wood was trimmed out this Tuesday and Wednesday. Upgrading the irrigation for the trees continues into next week, followed by treatment for disease.