72425 Via Vail
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Get Involved with

Our Sacred Grounds

What matches your interests and skills? What will warm your heart?

Communication and Promotion 

Apply your editing, writing, marketing, social media or organizational skills

Newsletter or website blog articles

Emails to the Sacred Grounds list

Staffing info tables on the patio on Sundays

I’m inspired, I can help with  Sacred Grounds Communications.

Join Fall 2023 Projects 

Come get your hands dirty and connect to the grounds

Patio Extension

    • remove existing palntings
    • move commemorative pavers
    • cap off irrigation

Celebration Garde

    • move commemorative pavers and Sacred Stones
    • assist stamping and dying concrete walkway
    • planting
    • irrigation

Desert Canyon Garden

    • remove existing irrigation
    • oversee grading and boulder placement
    • planting
    • irrigation

I’m inspired, I can help with Sacred Grounds Fall 2023 Projects.

Grounds Maintenance for Habitat and Appearance 

Apply your love of the land and native conservation knowledge, or come learn about our native plants

Oversee gardener, ensuring maintenance preserves habitat

    • Give direction to balance appearance and habitat
    • e.g. avoid poisons, save wildflowers, remove invasive weeds, leave palm skirts for yellow bats, trim Palo Verdes, etc.

Weekly Garden Club

    • Weeding, watering and trimming
    • Replace dead plantings with beds of encelia, dyebush, creosote, etc.
    • Repair irrigation emitters, or communicate needs to gardener
    • Maybe just transplant volunteer seedlings

Patio perimeter rock garden

    • Add irrigation
    • Plant verbena or some other desert native
      • Collect verbena seeds and sprinkle liberally into the rock garden, or purchase verbena starts and plant them into the rock garden
    • Floral and butterfly plantings
      • Propose native plantings along parking and sidewalks for year-round bloom to benefit the pollinators and butterflies

I’m inspired, I can help with Sacred Grounds tending the land.

Education, Fundraising and Outreach

Education – see if we can provide a resource for learning ecology for local school children

  • Create signage for a nature walk
  • Co-lead guided nature walks


Green Sanctuary– help carry on our Green Sanctuary Committments

  • Run the battery collection and proper disposal program
  • Create monthly Green newsletter articles
  • Etc.

 – as a completely self-funded project, you can apply your fundraising or grant writing skills

  • Fundraising within the congregation
  • Fundraising with outside parties
  • Find and pursue Grant opportunities

 – apply or establish connections with local environmentally interested groups

  • UCR, Desert Horticultural Society, California Native Plant Society, …?
  • Coachella Valley Water District, Coachella Valley Association of Govts, …?
  • Local press, blogs and social media?
  • School districts ?

I’m inspired, I can help with Sacred Grounds Education, Fundraising or Outreach.