72425 Via Vail
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Garden of Hope Project


The Vision

In the earliest Sacred Grounds Dreaming sessions the idea of a meditation space nestled among the Palo Verde trees to the northwest of the plaza was quickly favored.

The space would be both a natural setting for meditation and habitat for native plants, butterflies and critters.


The Beginnings

Upon the retirement of our beloved minister Rev Barbara Fast a commemorative bench was placed in the area of the proposed Meditation Garden. Soon a Little Library appeared, with art, seeds, and little books.

The anchor for this area is Gene Kain’s “Split Obelisk” metal sculpture. The prism splits the sun’s rays into a full rainbow of color offering Hope. 


The Garden of Hope Emerges

As messages of Hope, congregants were invited to paint rocks to place at the base of the sculpture. The colorful rocks, the joyous messages and the sculpture inspired the Garden of Hope theme.

In support of Monarch butterflies, a dozen desert milkweed have been planted and are thriving. What better messenger of Hope than a butterfly? 

Garden of Hope – Next Steps

In your imagination, sit on a bench under the shade of a Palo Verde and watch the sculpture’s prism playfully split the sun’s rays into colors as butterflies dance in the Butterfly Garden. Glance down to the riotous joyfully painted rocks.

Follow a quiet path to a Meditation Garden featuring a bench dedicated to our Rev. Barbara, stopping to pick up a book at the Little Library.


During our high season the parking lot is full with many parking on the street. That results in a long walk to the driveway and then up the steps or ramp to the plaza. But we can add a shorter and gently sloping sidewalk directly from Via Vail up to the plaza that is much more accessible, and brings people into this Garden of Hope.


Current Status

The Garden of Hope is imagined and partly designed.

Not part of the Fall 2023 implementation plans, it awaits a couple of volunteers and additional donations.