Celebration Garden Project



Since the opening of the building in 2004 individuals have placed commerative pavers on the plaza patio. Some honor weddings or births, others memorials, and some are just expressions of joy. But the pavers became part of the patio surface and it is just didn’t seem right to walk on them, especially memorials.

With the Patio Enhancement Project came the opportunity to relocate the commemorative pavers.

New Location

In 2021, Gene Kain donated a wonderful metal sculpture “Tilt #2” which now rests just off the plaza patio. The commemorative pavers will ring the art, giving them a better place of honor, very close to the Sanctuary but in a separate setting.

And what to name this new Garden?  The commemorative pavers celebrated weddings, births, deaths and more. Celebration is the common theme. Our new Celebration Garden honors the love behind each of these, and the sculpture forms the center point.

Sacred Stones

The prior commemorative pavers are no longer available, and the engraving has not held up well. New additions will be of higher quality material and better engraving, and are now called Sacred Stones. Several have already been commissioned and placed, and purchases fund the Sacred Grounds Initiative.

Celebration Garden Access

Extending directly off the plaza patio, a new sidewalk will circle the Sacred Stones and sculpture, with full ADA access. The circular style will allow multiple people into the Garden and will also eliminate any need for wheelchairs to turn around.

Sacred Stones will be placed both inside and outside of the ring.


Quiet Contemplation

A small informal footpath will continue past the Sacred Stones and art, coursing over to the giant Desert Museum Palo Verde. Under it will be tucked a bench for quiet contemplation, or perhaps for a private discussion away from the plaza.

Native Plantings

This garden borders our blow-sand area, where the endangered Coachella Valley Milkvetch lives. We will add further native plantings appropriate for this critical habitat.

Current Status

The Celebration Garden is designed, approved by the Board, and funded through Sacred Grounds donations. It just awaits a couple of volunteers to step forward and drive the implementation.