Facilities Work Party: On hold until September

We meet each Monday morning to take care of the grounds and building. We might be pulling weeds, changing light bulbs, doing light painting or repairs, or whatever the group has the skills and interest in doing. Drop-ins...

Our Pride Should be a Promise

Worship Leader: Rev. Ian W. Riddell
Worship Associate: Joni Padduck

All of us, and especially those of us part of the LGBTQI+ communities have much to be grateful for and proud of as we see the changes in our world over the past years. But our work is not done. How can we imagine together the needs of today’s world? Whose pride—and safety and dignity—are we called to struggle for today?

Care Team

Thanksgiving: If You Have a Table Blessing

Worship Leader:  Rev. Ian W. Riddell
Worship Associate:  Bob Rancourt
As we prepare ourselves for gathering around a table in thanks, what is in our minds and hearts. Who do we carry with us as we feast and offer gratitude?