Our Board of Directors

and Committees

church governance

Our Board of Directors

The church is governed by a Board of seven members who are elected by the congregation to serve two-year terms.  Eligibility includes active membership and committee service.

Board meetings are open to members and friends except if and when Executive Session is called to discuss personnel, legal issues, or confidential matters. 

Linda Savard

Linda Savard

Board President

Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Hiroshi Yamaguchi

1st Vice President

Barb Storms

Barb Storms

2nd Vice President

Rod Belshee

Rod Belshee





Rob Duwors

Rob Duwors

Director at Large

Robert Rancourt

Robert Rancourt

Director at Large

church governance

Committees ensure that the voices of the congregation are heard and that the business matters of the church and other activities are well run. Each committee is primarily responsible for a major function in the church and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for changes or actions.

Committees are always in need of new members. If you are interested in joining a committee plea

Each committee is primarily responsible for a major function in the church and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for changes or actions.

Committees are always in need of new members.  Often people wonder what qualifications do I need to join a committee?

  • Interest in the general function of the committee.
  • Commitment to attend, share your ideas and listen to the ideas of others.
  • Willingness to work with other people to make our church community stronger.

Church membership is not a requirement for serving on a committee.

Interested in joining a committee?

Refer to the front of the “Members and Friends Directory” for a list the name and phone number for the chairperson. Contact the chair for more information about the group, what they do, and when they meet, etc. You are welcome to sit in on a committee meeting in order to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are those Church Committees that exist on a continuous basis. The Board may create additional Standing Committees from time to time, may alter the responsibilities of Standing Committees, or eliminate a Standing Committee altogether, to best meet the changing needs of the Church.


Monitors building, grounds and furnishings to ensure they are well maintained. Oversees technology maintenance and  improvement.


Reviews all church financial matters, manages the annual pledge drive, planned giving and ideas for fundraisers.


Welcomes visitors, seeks to increase membership including offering new member classes, updates the church directory and works with other committees to keep current members connected to the church.

Social Justice

Identifies social justice concerns and creates strategies to address them. Social Justice also ensures the church is meeting the UUA requirements for Green Sanctuary.

Church Governance

Other Committees



Committee develops communication strategies, messages, branding, etc.


Coordinates coffee hour and helps with logistics for special events that involve food.

Lifespan Spiritual Growth Working Group

Envisions spiritual growth opportunities, experiences, groups and classes for all age groups.

Social BUUterflies

Social BUUterflies identifies, plans and publicizes social events to bring our community closer such as the community concerts and the Saturday evening Zoom cocktail gathering. This is a sub committee of the Stewardship Committee.


Develops and coordinates programs, materials and efforts to fully engage members and friends into our church community.

Church Governance

Board Appointed Committees



Reviews current bylaws, suggests changes to the Board which presents suggested changes to the congregation for a vote.

Church Archivist

Maintains records of important events and documents in the church’s history.

Church Council

Brings together chairpersons of all of the committees to share information, ideas and concerns.

Committee on Ministry

Works to strengthen the quality of ministry in the church and facilitate the relationship between the minister and the congregation.

Denomination Affairs Liaison

Facilitates a close working relationship between our congregation, the Pacific Western Region and the UUA.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Ministry

Exploring ways to help UUCOD become more diverse and


Nominating Committee

Nominates candidates for election to the Board of Directors.

Church Governance

Staff Committees


Care Team

Coordinates with the minister to support members and friends in need.


Evaluates staff except for the minister.


Coordinates with the minister to plan upcoming worship events.