72425 Via Vail
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


Food on the First

Every First Sunday of a month, our congregations collects a food and clothing offering for Galilee Center and their overnight shelter. The center serves the needs of seniors & families, migrant farm workers & asylum applicants in the Mecca area.


Socks on the Second

On the Second Sunday of the month we collect a sock donation for the clients of Well in the Desert. The Well serves the population of the Coachella Valley in poverty prevention, intervention and advocacy.


Share the Plate

On the third Sunday of every month from October to June we share half of our plate collections with a non-profit 501c3 organization. The Share the Plate recipients have been nominated and elected by members and friends from a pool of non-profits organizations serving the Coachella Valley and surrounding desert cities.


Formula on the Fourth

Introduced by the Social Justice Committee in January 2023. Donate formula, which will be given to Galilee Center for distribution to their families with babies.

Why donate formula rather than money? Due to shortages, stores have been setting tight limits on the number of cans per purchase. Our donations help Galilee Center hand out more formula each month to families with babies who are unable to buy it on their own.

Click through to see images of the only powdered formulas they will accept....