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Desert Canyon Habitat


The Desert Canyon Habitat

The essence of the Sacred Grounds vision is to provide native habitat for our pollinators, lizards, birds and other critters by creating demonstration
native gardens that also engage and educate people to promote conservation.

Our long-term plans call for creating possibly five native habitat gardens, and we begin with the Desert Canyon Habitat in October 2023. Located between the picnic area by the labyrinth, the retention pond, and the parking lot the habitat is about 7,500 sq. ft. in size. To provide the feel of a desert canyon, we brought in 25 tons of boulders of various sizes. Native plantings will include ironwood and smoke trees, lavender and other bushes and shrubs and some annuals.

Creating a desert canyon on our natural blow sand grounds was our most challenging garden, involving grading, bringing in substantial rock, and creating partial shade.



The Garden has two entrances, one from the south by the picnic area and one from the west at the end of the parking lot. These are two artistic interpretations of the Desert Canyon Demonstration Garden, one from each of the two entrances.


It’s happening!

The progress is amazing!  The “bones” of the garden are now in place, including 25 tone (!) of boulders. The lizards are appreciative as two new species have shown up!

Planting starts October 21, with dedication of the habitat in January.


Join Us!

Planting in the Desert Canyon Habitat starts October 21. There are considerable opportunities for you to join, including  work parties, as well as planning, communication and organization. What get’s you excited?